Oriental Garden Theme


The Oriental Garden is one of the main inspirations and is channelled throughout the collections, alongside the Chinese Porcelain.
The hand-made embroidery depicts the Luxury creating a flawless, exquisite Design, visible throughout the Resort wear, Ready To Wear and Nightwear collection.

The Collections depict the delicate and gracefulness of femininity; the unmasked graphic sequins and floral techniques felicitate the stunning stories from the Oriental Gardens and Chinese Porcelain; providing a modern look.

The World Of Pastels


The hues of pastels offers a subtle yet exquisite glam; the pastel shades are the completed gold embroidery or a delicate flowing finish. These compelling styles are adorned with lustrous sequins, beads finishes and desirable silk fabrics.

Evening Wear


The Anya Maj Evening Wear compliments the feminine features and welcomes a sense of boldness to the brand. The low-cut V-neck mini and cocktail dresses enhance the elegance of a woman and praises her figures in every way. The glistening sequins and finest jacquard fabric used intensify the mesmerising styles.

Anja Maj designs are perfect for all occasions.