Anya Maj, is a luxury ready-to-wear brand founded in 2016 and has already established its mark in The United Kingdom, The United States, St Tropez, Monaco, Dubai, Oman and The Carribbean. Anya Maj has gained international acclaim due to the brands core values: sustainability, quality, and each garment being hand crafted.

Anya Maj collections are largely made up of silk statement pieces that are popular due to the lightweight feel and vivid colors used to add elegance and beauty. From rich colors to bold prints, everything is designed in-house with only the highest quality, natural fabrics. Anya Maj is bridging the gap between luxury fashion and affordability to make each piece more accessible.

The brand is defined as being ‘a fusion of East and West’, with the garments having eastern traditional designs and colours but modified to be in line with contemporary western expectations.

Since the brands inception Anya Maj immediately began selling in high-end retail doors worldwide inclusive of the infamous London retailer Harvey Nichols, and recently began stocking with Neiman Marcus.

Influencers and public figures have also promoted the brand, with Chiara Ferragni and Tiffany Trump wearing the brand, along with multiple members of Made in Chelsea cast in the UK wearing the pieces for the South of France series, and stars from Ladies of London, too.

Each piece at Anya Maj is handmade in Europe, and the brand is built on ‘decluttering’ your closet and having timeless pieces that will take you from day to night.


Anna, the creative designer and founder of Anya Maj, was born and raised in Poland before coming to London when she turned 23 to study her Masters in Real Estate. Despite enjoying her time in London her real passion was fashion design, which lead her to create Anya Maj in 2016.

Growing up as a young girl in Poland, Anna noticed quickly that in Poland, fashion was not celebrated and high quality goods were difficult to source. Her fashion icon was her grandmother, who introduced her to her wardrobe that was adorned with luxury fabrics and inspired Anna as a young girl.

Her grandmother would regularly take her on trips to the local tailor where she would admire the process of clothes being made to fit. It was from that point onwards that she became obsessed with designing, and more importantly, obsessed with high quality, hand made pieces that had been created with true craftsmanship.

Anna decided to create a brand that would deliver high-end luxurious products, but still is affordable to the consumer. Silk is the fabric that lays the foundations of her brand, as she always has believed that silk is breathable and you always feel beautiful when wearing it.

To keep herself inspired to create fresh collections, Anna is a regular traveller as well as a history lover, and a lot of her designs she describes as being ‘a fusion of East and West’, with her garments having eastern traditional designs and colours but modified to be in line with contemporary western expectations. This means that the colours are vibrant and stand out to what else is out there on the market.

Over the years Anna has visited multiple countries within Africa, Asia and Europe but one of her favourite places is the South of France, where she loves wearing her silk garments in the warm summer air.

Anna’s vision for her brand is for women to wear sustainable products, made from high quality fabrics and to in turn, detox their wardrobe.