Aya Silk Resort Wear

For the ultimate beachwear, the Aya Silk Resort Collection contains effortless, vibrant flawless features; the stunning yellow Sulphur style shines brighter than the sun. This striking round neck dress has a stylish asymmetrical finish with a beautiful bohemian design. Embrace the summer look with the enchanting red Ruby dress, the adjustable waist allows you to style this stunning piece in different ways, whether it be relaxed and flowing, or an alluring contoured fit in the finest quality.

Glow in the sun in the gorgeous V-neck Tourmaline dress with the exquisite, stunning floral design throughout with open shoulders and tied beads on each side. Mesmerising with the efflorescent Zircon dress; tight at the waist, this possessing dress is perfect for a day in the sun. These contemporary styles are strikingly stylish and perfect for summer.